Message from the President

“The introduction of QCanywhere has revolutionized the way in which any company can perform quality control operations. QCanywhere enables deeper collaboration between different internal teams as well as third party suppliers. Through email report sharing you can bring as many key decision makers into the quality control workflow process as required. Since it is cloud-based it is truly mobile, allowing users to analyse the dynamic reports anywhere using a computer, tablet or smart phone - facilitating the approval process, bringing your product to market faster". – Reuben Malz, President of QCanywhere.

About QCanywhere

Powered by the award-winning automated proofreading technologies from Global Vision, QCanywhere is the world’s first cloud-based bundle of quality control applications (QCapps™).
Designed for any company looking to implement an enterprise-wide quality control solution, QCanywhere offers:

    •  Mobile quality control
    •  Superior brand protection
    •  Eliminate errors anywhere
    •  Rapid approval cycles
    • Reduce time-to-market
    • Avoid costly errors
    • No installation required