Webinar – Enhancing Document & Packaging Quality Control in Global Industries

Jonathan Hou

Document, Artwork & Print Inspection in the Cloud with QCanywhere


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Date: June 19

Time: 10:00am EDT

Speaker: Jonathan Hou, Director Product Development, QCanywhere


The need for greater quality control to ensure brand integrity has become paramount in the global marketplace where workers are dispersed over vast geographical regions.


Marketing may be in Montreal, production in Taipei, printing in San Jose, and quality control in Toronto. However, this business model comes with a price – how do you maintain company-wide quality control? How do you maintain quality control with your suppliers?


Many companies are expanding into new geographical regions due to economic, political or other reasons. This decentralization can, in many cases, slow down the approval process and reduce operational efficiency and profitability, while increasing time-to-market.


Packaging and print errors may be very damaging to the reputation of the company. When a product fails, the effects can spread like ripples in a pond, every company associated with a failed product faces potential losses through reputational and brand damage, business interruption, regulatory actions, lawsuits and product recall costs.


This webinar is essential for any company looking to ensure brand integrity, across a global marketplace.