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ScanTVS Print Inspection Quality Control Solution   ScanTVS is an innovative proofreading system that provides accurate inspection of all printed packaging and scanned components.   ScanTVS is ideal for the inspection of packaging proofs, labels, cartons and nested press sheets in both printed and electronic formats. Scan TVS can help you with: - Print Inspection

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Packaging Digest Magazine Selects Proofware as Product of the Day

Proofware Applications

By Kari Embree in Inspection on February 10, 2014   Proofware allows users to secure their brand packaging end-to-end with a suite of advanced Quality Control (QC) tools to inspect text, artwork, spelling, Braille, barcodes and annotate. Proofware benefits • Enterprise-wide access to packaging QC tools • Report management tools to organize inspection reports •

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