What file extensions are allowed for each QCapp?

QCapps file extensions:

QCapp Extensions
QCartwork PDF
QCspell DOC | DOCX | PDF
QCbraille PDF
QCbarcode PDF | BMP | JPG
QCprint PDF | BMP | JPG
What are original and revision files?

An original file acts as the main or master file.
A revision file is generally a modified copy of the original/master file.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

QCanywhere: Each file that you upload must be under 10MB in size.
QCenterprise: Each file that you upload must be under 100MB in size.
You can however perform a comparison between two files whose combined sizes total more than the maximum file size. For example, you can compare two files in QCanywhere that are both 9MB in size.

What does it mean when I get logged out with a message saying my session has “timed out”? What happened?

After 30 minutes of not performing any actions you will automatically be logged out as a security precaution.

Can I opt not to send an e-mail when performing an inspection?

No, there must be an e-mail recipient for the inspection report sent.