Secure Your Brand Packaging Anywhere

Brand Packaging Magazine - July 2013

Collaborate globally on your quality control


Packaging represents the brand identity for each product.  An error in packaging is costly not only in material goods, but in brand equity. As companies expand into the global marketplace, challenges arise in ensuring quality in packaging while delivering products on time.


Marketing may be in New York, production in Taipei, printing in San Jose, and quality control in Toronto. Different locations, markets, suppliers, time zones…- How do you maintain quality control for your brands? How do you maintain quality control with your suppliers?


As companies expand globally along with their supply chain, costs saved by streamlining operations can be negated with longer approval cycles and communication barriers – which cause delays in time-to-market.


The solution – QCanywhere the first cloud-based collaboration suite for Quality Control.


QCanywhere is an online QC lab for brand packaging and revolutionizes the industry by providing Remote Quality Control (RQC) at any point throughout the packaging workflow process – regardless of the location of the user.


Each QCapp addresses the risks present throughout the entire packaging workflow while enabling complete collaboration between all stakeholders. Packaging inspection tools are available for checking text content, graphics, Braille and barcode for securing your workflow starting with the text copy, first artwork, approved artwork up to the final printed package.


Artwork produced by the Creative Services in Europe can now be inspected by the brand owner in the US for missing text, spelling mistakes or color differences. Quality control in Canada can inspect scans of the printed components being printed in India for print defects and barcodes. PDF annotations can be added to the inspection reports for collaboration between approvers, brand owners and suppliers.


As companies go global and technologies go mobile, QCanywhere sets the standard for packaging quality control in the cloud.


To find out more information or for a free 15-day trial, please visit Use code: QC15BP


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