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Booklet Scanner

ScanBook is a high-speed booklet scanner designed for the medical device and pharmaceutical markets to address the need for quality control of multiple page documents and user guides.


ScanBook allows the user to scan and inspect any document effortlessly using automatic settings and custom profiles.


Samples can be loaded into the automatic document feeder and left unattended while being scanned. Completed scans are automatically uploaded into ScanTVS as a multi-page PDF and compared against another multi-page PDF, one page at a time.


Scan and inspect with great accuracy:

  • Multi-page documents
  • User guides
  • Manuscripts
  • IFUs
  • DFUs
  • Bulletins
  • Leaflets


Inspecting booklets and multi-page documents can be a complex process as each page needs to be scanned one at a time. Double sided inspections can be even more daunting because pages need to be flipped and scanned separately


ScanBook Features

  • Fast multi-page inspection systems
  •  Inspects: User guides, manuscripts, bulletins, IFUs and leaflets
  • Integrates with the Global Vision ScanTVS print inspection solution
  • Scans both sides of a sample simultaneously (Duplex)
  • Color smoothing
  • Automatic crop and de-skew
  •  Intelligent rotation and blank page detection
  • Automatically detects multiple size documents
  • Thin stock selector (52g/m2)
  • Hole punch removal
  • Small footprint


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