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Automatically compare text files

  • 1Compare MS Word to PDF
  • 2Cloud-based with no software to install
  • 3Share reports with anyone, anywhere
  • 4Reduce approval cycles

QCtext™ Features

  • File types: PDF to PDF, Word to Word, Word to PDF
  • Multi-page inspection supported
  • Color coded reporting
  • Up to 10MB per inspection


  • Text insertion, deletion
  • Font differences
  • Subscript / superscript
  • Spacing
  • Hyphens

Upgrade – Docu-Proof™

Feature QCtext™ Docu-Proof™
Full User Interface -
Side by Side Inspection -
Inspection Filters -
Table Inspection -
Template Inspection -
Header/footer removal -
Ignore characters -
Equivalency list -
FDA Compliance -
Supported File Types PDF, DOC, DOCX XML, TEXT, DOC, XLS, PDF
Size of File Up to 10MB Unlimited
Cloud-based -
Email Notification -