Pharmaceutical Packaging Quality Control by Global Vision

Global Vision

Global Vision is the leading provider of proofreading software for pharmaceutical packaging quality control. Over 72% of all pharmaceutical companies rely upon Global Vision proofreading solutions to help reduce the risk and to ensure packaging quality control for cartons, labels and inserts.

The pharmaceutical packaging challenge: The largest source of pharmaceutical product recalls is due to copy related errors on cartons, labels or inserts. In fact, over 51% of all pharmaceutical packaging recalls are the results of mislabelling.


Pharmaceutical Packaging Quality Control Solutions by Global Vision


Typical Applications for each Pharmaceutical Department:


Regulatory Affairs

- Managing FDA Submissions and other forms of intense text or artwork management

Suggested Products: DocuProof, ArtProof


Graphic Arts

- Verifying: Artwork revisions, Artwork vs. text, Artwork vs. print

Suggested Products: DocuProof, ArtProof, ScanTVS


Quality Control/Quality Assurance

- Verifying: Approved Artwork vs. Print (Master Vs. Sample Comparisons)

Suggested Products: ScanTVS



- Verifying: Approved Artwork vs. Print (Master Vs. Sample Comparisons)

Suggested Products: ScanTVS



- Manage Contract revisions and changes to the “legal” section of text found on packaging

Suggested Products: DocuProof



- Managing Documentation

Suggested Products: DocuProof



- Verifying: Proof Vs. Customer Approved Artwork

Suggested Products: ArtProof, ScanTVS



- Inspecting Printed Packaging Vs. Approved Proof

Suggested Products: ArtProof, ScanTVS


Clinical trials

- Checking clinical labeling Vs. Approved item

Suggested Products: ArtProof, ScanTVS


Document Services

- Managing multiple revisions and text heavy documents

Suggested Products: DocuProof



The benefits of a Global Vision Proofreading Software


Global Vision is the only truly compliant proofreading software supplier with complete lifecycle documentation including a Functional Requirements Specification, Detailed Design Specification, Unit Test Protocols, System Test Protocols, and Traceability Matrix. Furthermore, all Global Vision products meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11/ EMA Annex 11 requirements. As a result, Global Vision continues to successfully pass all major Pharmaceutical audits.



Tailored to meet the needs of Regulatory Affairs, Marketing, Graphics, QA/QC, Product, Legal, all the way to Production. Our proofreading software solutions are designed to secure your packaging workflow from end-to-end. Learn more about specific department applications.


Increase accuracy, decrease approvals, speed up time-to-market, and streamlines the proofreading processes.


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