Labels and Labeling – Global Vision launches QCanywhere cloud-based artwork approval apps

Labels and labelling

Global Vision, developer of automated proofreading solutions, has launched its QCanywhere suite of cloud-based quality control apps. QCanywhere addresses the need for company-wide access to quality control systems to help protect brand integrity.


QCanywhere can be accessed from any device and allows brand owners and stakeholders across multiple industries to inspect documents regardless of geographic location. Reports can be generated and shared by e-mail to collaborate on quality and dramatically reduce approval cycles and time-to-market. Global Vision says the cost of each inspection is just one USD.


‘The introduction of QCanywhere has revolutionized the way companies can inspect documents, artwork and print,’ said Reuben Malz, president of Global Vision. ‘QCanywhere enables deeper collaboration between different internal teams as well as third party suppliers. By sharing QCanywhere reports through e-mail, you can bring key decision makers into the process, which translates into a more secure and faster way to bring your product to market. Since it is cloud-based, it is truly mobile, allowing users to review reports anywhere using a laptop, tablet or smart phone.’


Applications (QCapps) in the suite include QCtext to compare documents;
QCartwork to compare artwork files; QCspell to spell check PDFs; QCbraille to translate Braille; QCprint to inspect printed materials; and QCbarcode to both inspect and grade barcodes.


Global Vision is offering Labels & Labeling readers a free seven-day trial by visiting and using the promo code QC7day


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