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Braille inspection tool, Braille verification tool


BrailleProof is a Braille inspection and Braille verification tool that digitally inspects Braille text for added or missing Braille components, to ensure that the Braille matches the approved PDF.


BrailleProof also converts Braille components into readable text, ensuring accuracy of the Braille


BrailleProof is designed to meet all Braille standards for pharmaceutical Braille packaging, including the Marburg Medium


With BrailleProof, you can be rest assured that all Braille is accurate, readable and meets international standards, while eliminating manual checking, and reducing inspection times.



How accurate is your Braille Packaging?



Inspect with great accuracy:


  •       Pharmaceutical Braille packaging
  •       Healthcare Braille packaging
  •       Pharmaceutical cartons
  •       Embossed Braille cartons
  •        Braille labels
  •        Consumer product goods Braille packaging
  •        Braille inserts



BrailleProof Benefits:


  • Guarantees your PDF matches the printed Braille component
  • Meets all Braille standards for pharmaceutical and healthcare Braille packaging, including the Marburg Medium
  • Ensures Braille content, layout and placement on packaging is correct


BrailleProof Features:


  • Detects missing or added Braille dots
  • Translates Braille during inspection into readable text
  • Measures Braille dot spacing
  • Braille character recognition
  • Extensive reporting, detailing pass/fail for each Braille dot
  • Color coding allows for easy analysis of flawed dots
  • 21 CFR Part 11 / EMA Annex 11 compliant
  • Validation available
  • Integrates with ArtProof artwork inspection software


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